What Bob & Christine Talked About: Do you like when your doctor is REALLY good looking?

When you go to the doctor...is it better or worse when your doctor is REALLY good looking? Do you enjoy it or does it make you too nervous??

Most callers said they would be too nervous!


Harvey Levin of TMZ! RJ Mitte loves the "Craigslist Killer" and thinks she's hilarious! Selena Gomez is out of rehab and back on booze and Justin Bieber is moving to Atlanta!


Congrats to Jason Biggs! He's a first time Daddy with a baby boy!


Has Selena Gomez fallen off the wagon?

Just weeks after leaving rehab, the young singer is reportedly "hitting the bottle hard." TMZ proclaimed that she has "proudly re-embraced alcohol."



If you think there's nothing harder than finding your true love, try doing it naked.That's what the producers over at VH1 are offering in their new reality series Naked Dating!

This is so crazy, it just might work! (Fanbolt)



“High-rise denim is the biggest trend for spring,” says Susan Kellogg, President of Contemporary Brands at VF Corporation. “It hits the millennials because it’s cool and new and it hits the little bit older customer who just needs more coverage.” (Buzzfeed)


RELATIONSHIPS: 10 Things Men Do Not Notice About Women

A man writing for Cosmo shares some of the many things men simply do not notice about women …

1. A new purse

2. Unshaved legs

3. New candles

4. No makeup

5. New shoes

6. Cellulite

7. A new haircut

8. A new shade of lipstick

9. New jeans

10. A new home accessory



If you're into the idea of changing careers, here are some options with a high pay, low stress factor from (Yahoo):

  • Technical Writer – Average salary: $65,500
  • Biomedical Engineer –Average salary: $86,960
  • Dental Hygienist –Average salary: $70,210
  • Art Director – Average salary: $80,880 



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