What Bob & Christine Talked About Today: Fallon Nails It On 'Tonight Show'!

Jamie had never gotten flowers from a suitor before! But this Valentine's Day was different!! Michael got her a dozen roses with lilies and gerber daisies!


Jimmy Fallonhad his first night as the host of "The Tonight Show" last night and nailed it!


Bob did a hard task this weekend! He shoveled off the trampoline in his backyard and had to climb on top! Christine and Jamie both asked why wasn't this video tapped??


On Valentine's Day Bob "renewed" the vows of 2 listeners live in studio! Sabrina and Pedro Espinal! Bob brought us all to tears! We re-played it this morning!



Bob and Christine both saw "Captain Phillips" over this snowy weekend, they compared notes and both really enjoyed it!


BRADLEY COOPER: Went Commando at White House State Dinner

When Bradley Cooper met President Obama earlier this year at the White House State Dinner, he was missing an important of his outfit -- underwear.

In a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Monday), Bradley explained that he went commando because he's gained weight for a new movie role and his pants were too tight. "I wore the tuxedo I wore to the Golden Globes. I just sort of threw it in the bag and brought it and went to Washington, D.C., and then I'm getting dressed like 10 minutes before I was supposed to go, and literally the pants go up to like here. So I had to go commando, number-one, because there was no room at all... It was a nightmare, but I made it through."

Source: New York Daily News



BATTLE OF THE BULGE: Eat in These Three Places to Lose Weight

You might think what you eat and how much you eat are the most important factors to consider when you are trying to lose weight, but where you eat can have just as significant an impact on your total caloric intake.

Eating in the wrong places can actually make you consume more or encourage you to snack on things you normally wouldn't. When you enjoy meals and snacks, make sure it's in one of these places so you eat right and have the success you deserve:

  • In Public: When people eat alone, they tend to let go and may end up eating three times more than they normally would. If weight loss is your goal, try to eat in front of at least one other person. Even if you're alone, go out to eat at places such as at cafe, on a park bench, or at a coffee shop where other people are around. When you eat in public, it makes you conscious and accountable for what you put in your mouth, so you're less likely to overeat or eat foods you normally wouldn't.
  • At the Kitchen Table: Make sure you sit at the table to eat your meals. Eating while standing in front of the fridge or while sitting on the couch tends to be mindless and makes overeating much easier.
  • In the Break Room at Work: When you eat in front of your computer, you're so busy working that you're not paying attention to how much you're eating, and before you know it, your plate is empty and you hardly remember taking any bites. Pull away from your computer screen, even if it's for only 10 minutes, and head to the office break room. It'll not only give your eyes and brain a rest, but it's doubly good for weight loss since there are other people around and you're sitting down to really enjoy your meal. (FitSugar)



KIM KARDASHIAN: Gets 1,000 Roses for Valentine's Day

How many flowers did you get for Valentine's Day? Probably not as many as Kim Kardashian.

The reality star flaunted her V-Day gift on Instagram as she posed surrounded by one-thousand red roses. But that's not all she got. Kim was also treated to Kanye's concert in Baltimore that night as well as a romantic ride on a golf cart backstage.

Not to be outdone, R&B singer Jason DeRulo gave girlfriend Jordin Sparks 10,000 orange roses.

SOURCE: People



PIZZA: Chicago vs. New York Goes to Supreme Court

The longtime ongoing debate over which style of pizza is better, New York or Chicago, has reached the Supreme Court. 

Justice Antonin Scalia issued his opinion -- which is not legally binding -- Friday night at an event in Chicago and ruled in favor of New York. Of course, Scalia is a little biased since he grew up in New York City.

The judge argues that Chicago pizza shouldn't be called pizza. He says the deep-dish pie is "very tasty, but it's not pizza," adding that it should be called a "tomato pie" instead.

Source: Huffington Post





BATTLE OF THE BULGE: The Habits of Skinny People

Common sense says losing weight should be simple. Just eat fewer calories than you burn. But that’s not the case, is it?

Health experts have found that those who are successful at staying thin have habits that work in their favor.

Here’s a rundown of some of the habits of skinny people:

  • They’re fidgety – Research shows that people who move more burn as many as 350 extra calories a day, the equivalent of taking a 60-minute walk.
  • They eat without distractions – People who eat mindfully and without distractions tend to eat less and feel more satisfied.
  • They order unapologetically – Slim people modify meals when they go to restaurants. They do this not to save calories, but instead to get what they really want, and to eat in a way that makes them feel best so they don’t crave more food.
  • They’re not afraid of throwing food away – As kids, many of us were taught to not waste food. Unfortunately, cleaning our plates has caused us to carry “waste weight” around 24 hours a day that’s causing a lot more trouble than throwing away some leftovers. (ABC News)



CHARLIE SHEEN: Will Have More Kids

Charlie Sheen says he and his new porn star fiancee plan to have kids. The actor, who recently got engaged to 24-year-old adult film star Brett Rossi, says his bride-to-be wants to have a family and he's happy to oblige -- just not yet.

Sheen says that at this point, "I'm having way too much fun with her right now. So much fun it should be illegal." This will be the fourth marriage for Sheen who already has four kids. He pays more than $100-thousand a month in child support. Sheen also tells TMZ that he won't demand a formal prenup from Brett, saying "Prenups poison marriages." Of course, some might make the argument that Charlie poisons marriages. (TMZ





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