What Bob & Christine Talked About Today: New survey on who women prefer!


New survey! Most women would choose a homely looking rich guy over a good looking guy in a low paying uniform job! Ladies, care to chime in??


Bad Joke Friday! Oh Boy!

Bob had a physical yesterday, it went well! At first thought they took his BP and it was 110/70 and the nurse said he was like a fine tuned athlete! Bob was so excited he almost called his wife until....the doctor came in and took it again. It was 135/80 and he was told to watch the salt! Bob said what about my other reading?? The doctor said "Ohhh Nurse Lisa has been to too many concert and can't hear well, I need to re-check her work all the time!" Sorry Bob!

PRODUCTIVITY: Ways You're Sabotaging Your Mornings

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can set a terrible tone for the rest of your day.

But even if you wake up in a great mood, making poor decisions about how you spend the first 15 minutes of your day can still derail you.

Here are some ways you may be sabotaging your mornings:

  • Going online – While checking email or social media when you wake up is a common way to start the day, it can often turn into an hour or more. Have some discipline and stay offline until 10 a.m.
  • Turning on the television – Unfortunately, morning television is rarely uplifting. It gives you a bunch of stuff to worry about and distracts you from your mission.
  • Skipping a workout – Morning exercise gets the blood flowing and makes you more alert. Even just stretching, twisting, or dancing will give you vital energy needed to power you through your day.
  • Tackling busywork first – While it can be tempting to “warm up” your day with busywork, it’s better to start with something important that will give great results in the long term. (Yahoo Small Business)


That was fast! Only a week after she announced her engagement, several outlets are reporting that Christina Aguilera is pregnant.

This will be the first child for Christina and fiance Matt Rutler. A source tells People magazine, “They’re very much in love and are really excited to take this next step!”

The couple met on the set of Christina's 2010 movie Burlesque. She has a six-year-old son with ex-husband Jordan Bratman.



ROBIN ROBERTS, KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: Most Liked, Most Hated Morning Show Personalities

Viewers love waking up to Robin RobertsKathie Lee Gifford? Not so much.

The Q Score rankings, which measure a celebrity's likability, have been released for morning television and Good Morning America is clearly in the lead. Robin Roberts came in first, followed by Sam Champion (who recently left GMA) and Josh Elliott. The Today show's Al Roker was fifth. 

In dead last (16th place) was Kathie Lee Gifford, just below fellow Today show co-hosts Matt Lauer and Carson Daly. Kathie-Lee's partner Hoda Kotb fared a bit better. She came in 10th. 

SOURCE: The Wrap



Wanna get rid of belly fat? Add apple cider vinegar to your day. In a study, half of a group of overweight people had 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day, while the other half had a placebo. Those consuming the apple cider vinegar lost more belly fat than those who took the placebo − even though they were all on the same diet and exercise program. (PurpleClover.com)



When it comes to first dates, maybe some of us are trying too hard. A new Match.com survey asked people what they most want to do on a first date and "a good old fashion dinner date" came in as the #1 favorite.



On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this flu season has been particularly bad for young people and middle-aged adults.

People between the ages of 18 and 64 have accounted for 61% of influenza hospitalizations, the CDC reported. Last flu season, that age group represented only about 35% of flu-related hospitalizations. This year’s dramatic rise is being linked to a resurgence of the H1N1 virus and less people opting to get the flu shot than pervious years.

CDC Director Tom Frieden offers, “It’s back this year, and it’s hitting younger people hard.”

Source: Dr. Dave Prep



ONLINE DATING: Don’t Call Yourself a Woman in Your Profile

Recent research has shown that how you word your online dating profile can have a huge impact on how attractive you are to potential mates. Specifically, referring to yourself as a "girl" instead of a "woman" will get you more male suitors.

It's a little strange, but the numbers reflect that females who refer to themselves as "girls" receive 16% more attention than those who refer to themselves as "women" in their profiles.

Meanwhile, it is 28% better for men to refer to a member of the opposite sex as a "woman" than a "girl." So it's super sexy and evolved for men to call us women, but a turn-off for a lady to refer to herself as a woman. How bizarre! 

One thing is certainly for sure – regardless of how a female refers to herself, woman or girl, no guy is going to get any attention if he refers to himself as a "boy"! (HuffingtonPost)



Spanx Debuts a Bra for Your Butt

Spanx have been sucking in, smoothing out and cinching in women for years, and now the shapewear giant is taking on flat bottomed girls who want to look and feel more like Kim Kardashian

Spanx just debuted its Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra for $58, with the tagline: “You won’t believe these buns are real!” Yup, it's a bra for your butt, guaranteed to give you the apple bottomed bootie of your dreams.

The Booty Bra starts out like regular shapewear, constructed with a microfiber panel that is supposed to help muffin tops and pudgy tummies disappear, but the back is made with a non-compression fabric, so your cheeks don't get smooshed, and according to the marketing, "keeps your posterior perky and separated." (Today)


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