Marriage coach Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario joined us for two great segments this morning! She taught us how to know if we are/did marry the right person and how to keep the love and interactions strong between couples!


Throw Back Thursday! Christine Nagy was going through the attic yesterday & found a letter Jamie gave her thanking her for being her inspiration to choose radio as her career....from 12 years ago!!!

You never know what you might find in an attic!

Jim Lange, 'The Dating Game' host, passed away yesterday at 81...See which major celebs appeared on the show!



Just Bieber: DUI video released!

TMZ has obtained the video of Justin walking the line...literally! The video is out of Justin trying to walk a straight line and stumbling. Justin's lawyer tried to get the video blocked but the judge denied the request!


Jay Leno surprise guest on Arsenio Hall's Show!

He annaounced Arsenio will be coming back for a second season!


Nearly Impossible Question: Women say men in this profession are the most passionate lovers...which profession is it?

The answer:  Mechanics