Katy and John Splitsville??


Are Katy and John done?! According to UK Daily Mail they might be done and it was Katy who wants to end it! Do you think it's true??


Bobservations: Teenage Boys eat A LOT!

Bob's daughter's boyfriend came over for dinner and he almost ate Bob out of house and home! 3 full chicken breast wraps, huge loaf of Panera bread and finished up the guacamole. Bob said he is glad he has 3 girls!


Jamie replaced her first doorknob all by herself with all the parts!! She was excited there were no extra parts left over! Some men chimed in and said it's not as easy as it looks...Go Jamie!


Harvey Levin of TMZ! Robin Thicke's wife is leaving him and for the first time EVER "American Idol" is in the "red"


Joan Lynn a NYC casting agent/"Bachelor" expert called in with her thoughts on Juan Pablo and what the outcome might be! She thinks he might end up alone...hmmm we wonder?!


Bethenny Frankel: CANCELED!

Her show is over and she said she is relieved! She wants to focus more on "Skinny Girl" and her young daughter.



Kim K: More babies and a wedding!


Kim K has a lot on her mind as of late! The wedding to Kanye will take place this year in Paris and soon after she wants more babies! Not too many though, she doesn't want to go down the same road as her Mom Kris.