Bob told Christine and Jamie of a new study he found! We all know how bad sitting all day is, but now there is a new side effect that women will really hate...cankles!!

Say it isn't so!!


What's your favorite smell?

The top answer is fresh baked cookies out of the oven!

Christine "coconut sunblock"
Bob "the grill of course!"
Jamie "a fire in the fireplace in the fall!"

What's your favorite??


Nearly Impossible Question: If you have a big one of these, the odds are you are highly educated...what is it?

Answer: Signature


Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant!

She is expecting her first with fiancé Romain Dauriac. The 29 year old star is roughly 5 months along and plans to wed Romain this coming September!


Ellen Is A Great Tipper!

Remember the Oscar's pizza guy?? Ellen had him on her show and tipped him $1,000! He was shocked! Then the whole audience got pizza :)