Apparently it took only two weeks into new NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton's tenure for the stop-and-frisk issue to be solved. “The problem has been more or less solved,” Bratton said Wednesday during a symposium at the Ford Foundation.

"Stop and frisk has been stopped in some neighborhoods altogether," Bratton explained according to NBC 4 New York. Bratton reportedly defended stop-and-frisk as an important policing tool, according to the NY Daily News, but said it was "overapplied for an extended period of time" during former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's tenure. Bratton also said that he has not ordered police officers to end stop-and-frisk, but police have been ordered to conduct “constitutional and respectful policing.”

194,000 stop-and-frisk reports were filed in 2013 in NYC, which is considerably lower than the 532,911 stop-and-frisks that occurred in 2012.

Photo Credit: Getty Images