(Lauren Evans) Well, well. Despite all the odds stacked against it—the angst over the corporate logo, the shrill, semi-nude protestation over the location of the racks, the early technical glitches and the smug assurance of New Yorkers that teetering tourists were going to be maimed and killed left and right—it seems that Citi Bike has, at least in its first hundred days, proven a success.

According to data compiled by Foursquare designer Zack Davenport and Etch co-founder Michael Yap, Citi Bikers took 3.2 million trips during the program's first 100 days, averaging 30,000 miles daily. In total, riders hauled their blue 40-pound steeds more than 6.8 million miles. (A graphic helpfully informs us that this is roughly equivalent to 275 trips around the world or 29 trips to the moon.) The most popular stations are Union Square, Flatiron District and Battery Park City.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images