(Rebecca Fishbein) The city has confirmed it will pay a multimillion dollar settlement for lawsuits stemming from the 2004 Republican National Convention, in which 1,800 protesters, journalists, observers and bystanders were notoriously arrested en masse by the NYPD.

According to a joint statement from the city's Law Department officials and plaintiffs, "Nearly all of the remaining plaintiffs and the City of New York have agreed to settle outstanding claims arising out of events surrounding the 2004 Republican National Convention," marking the end of years of drawn-out litigation. The city will pay close to up to $18 million in damages, with up to $10.3 million going to the plaintiffs; the average plaintiff will receive about $6,400; last month, the city said it had already spent $16 million on its own lawyers’ fees and expenses.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Paula Bronstein