(Christopher Robbins) In the wake of a series of pedestrian fatalities, Mayor de Blasio has ordered immediate changes to improve traffic safety, and directed the DOT, the NYPD, and the TLC to provide a "blueprint" for eradicating traffic fatalities and serious injuries by the year 2024. "We think there is an epidemic here, and it can't go on," the mayor said at a press conference in Woodside, just a block away from where 8-year-old Noshat Nahian was killed last month walking to school. "I said on inauguration day that we were here to make changes, and I meant it."

The immediate changes include utilizing six speed cameras the city has installed as soon as Thursday, and increasing enforcement of serious traffic violations by increasing the number of personnel in the NYPD's Highway Division.

Previously there were 180 members of the Highway Division; now there are 210, and that number will increase to 270.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images