(Rebecca Fishbein) Fast food workers aren't the only ones fighting for a living wage; airline workers, fed up with dreadfully low pay and no benefits, have been petitioning the Port Authority to improve conditions, beginning with granting them Martin Luther King Day as a paid day off.

Like minimum-wage earning fast food workers, airline workers—bag haulers, cabin cleaners and the like—often make at or near $7.25-an-hour. Many workers are not employed directly by the airline companies, but are hired by private contractors who are able to deny them paid time-off, health insurance, raises and fair wages. "My life is not easy but they tell me there are a thousand out there who would take my job," Norman Echeverri, who pushes wheelchair-bound passengers at La Guardia Airport for $6.50-an-hour, told the Times. “My story, it is the story of a lot of people who work here.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Scott Olson