(Lauren Evans) The East Side Access project, subject of so many boastful photo galleries documenting its illustrious, on-time, on-budget progress, has disappointed us again. The MTA announced on Friday that the rail, which will ultimately shuttle straphangers between the LIRR to Grand Central Terminal in one sitting, is "slipping a little bit further and could cost more," Craig Stewart, senior director of the MTA capital plan, told Newsday. "We don't think we'll make 2019."

An updated report will be released next month...but if history is any indication, this report will only be the latest in an entire lifetime of Updated Reports. By the time the final Updated Report is issued, our children will have grown brittle with age and their children will be like "Why do we even need this stupid rail when we can just soar over the city on our hoverboard drones?"

Once upon a time, the project had a estimated completion date of 2009 2015 2018 2019, but now it will likely be closer to 2020, and come at a cost of $8.24 billion—nearly double the initially proposed $4.3 billion. But what choice do we have?! The agency can't very well just abandon all those enormous, awesome underground caverns it worked so hard to build...or can it?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Spencer Platt