Super Bowl XLVIII will be the location of around 4,000 police officers from dozens of agencies, according to the Wall Street Journal. Officials revealed Wednesday that police will be patrolling MetLife Stadium by foot, boat, and helicopter on Feb. 2.

MetLife Stadium will reportedly go into lockdown mode about a week before the big game with bomb sniffing dogs and counterterrorism officers patrolling the streets in Manhattan. At MetLife Stadium vendors and cars will be X-rayed and searched.

Fans can also expect to see plenty of security before they enter the stadium, which will include thorough searches, X-rays and metal detectors. There will also be SWAT teams and bomb squads patrolling the parking lots and there will be no tailgating allowed outside MetLife Stadium before the game.

There will also be international security precautions put into place with global offices being put on alert for terrorism threats.

Photo Credit: Getty Images