(Christopher Robbins) The top of the Empire State Building is a wind-swept salon, a cultured perch where the city's elite and our most discerning visitors reflect on the ephemerality of human creation and sigh at the firmament. Photographer Allen Henson besmirched this hallowed space when he shot photos of a topless model there last year without permission, and now the building's owners are suing Henson for $1.1 million.

"[Henson] intentionally violated rules of the Observatory, intentionally engaged in unauthorized, objectionable, and inappropriate conduct in full view of ESB's customers, tenants, visitors, including families with children, and employees, and caused ESB to suffer economic losses and damage to its reputation," the six-page lawsuit states.

The ESB estimates that those "damages" cost them $100,000. The remaining $1,000,000 is punitive.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Michel Porro