Woah! New move for Michael Strahan!

Michael Strahan is coming to "Good Morning America."  Josh Elliott has left and now Michael is coming in! ABC sources told TMZ that he will be on during the 8:00 am hour of “Good Morning America, 3-4 times per week. Strahan will talk all things from sports to lifestyle topics.Apparently there is bad blood all over ABC. Josh Elliott left and it was nasty, Sam Champion has flown the nest and Amy and Lara HATE each other!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Justin Bieber might have a plea deal in his future!


Bieber might be getting a great plea deal in his DUI case that happened in Miami! If Justin pleads guilty to reckless driving the other 3 charges will be dropped. What are the other 3 charges? Resisting arrest, DUI and driving without a license! If all this happens, Bieber will still be placed on probation, most likely for a year.