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Carol has been a long time friend of Diane and Diane has been married for 15 years and keeps threatening to leave her husband!

Every time this happens Carol picks up the emotional pieces and is always there for Diane, but she has cried wolf one too many times and Carol can't do it anymore...Carol wants to know is she a bad friend for not wanting to be there for her this time? And what's the best way to let Diane know it's becoming too much!

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Bring it to marriage counselor and let it out


that a marriage counselor would help more than venting to a friend.


This literally just happened to me. I explained to the friend until you start making a change and truly actually want to leave and take it upon yourself I can't keep being involved. When you start to help yourself I will be there but until than there's nothing anyone can do. It took a few months and I backed off completely but she took the necessary steps to get out on her own and I have her back again. Sometimes they need the tough love.


Carol needs to be a friend it's frustrating to continue giving Diane advise only for her to disregard it. How many times are you expected to be there for someone for the same issue, give the same advise only for your input not to mean enough to be applied to the situation? Carol needs to explain to Diane that her problems are emotionally wearing on Carol, and she feels like there is no more advise to give because it's the same repetitive cycle. Obviously something needs to change in Diane's relationship and it seems like she isn't willing to make that happen. So until she is ready, Carol should explain she's given all the advise there is to give. She supports her, but until Diane is wanting to help herself and her relationship, there's nothing more Carol can do for her.


Looks like Carol is more of a Therapist than A friend at this point and should bill by the hour


Maybe Carol could help find a therapist for her. Like any marriage, true friendship means you have to be there for friends even when it's not all fun. If it's

Carol sit down with your friend and let her know that with all the problems she's coming to you with that it's in her best interest to seek a marriage counselor.


Just say that Diane has to turn to a therapist at this point, and not her, to know what to do. That's being a good friend

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Nearly Impossible Question: Research shows people think food tastes better if it's__________ (blank). What is it?

The answer:  Expensive



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Kim and Kanye's $2.8 million dollar wedding included two 20-foot walls of roses and peonies.   Just the flowers probably cost more than yours and my weddings combined. However, what a lovely thing to look at during Kanye's 20 minute speech at the altar.

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7: The number of tiers on their wedding cake.  (Think they saved any for their freezer?  Me neither.)