Ask Christine!

Rich is dating a 35 year old woman who he loves, but she still lives at home with her parents and it's starting it bother him and friends and family are starting to ask a lot of questions!

Do you think it's a red flag that a woman who is very together at 35 is still living with her parents?


Here is what some of our listeners had to say!

No I had to move back home with my parents due to money costs and such, and I am 45 and my boyfriend understands.


Stop listening to your friends and family and listen to your heart.


Heck no, considering the financial times we are in. If she's always loved there, good for her too. Smart woman who was able to save money.


Yes, its a red flag, unless she moved in with them to take care of them. Does she have a problem managing money? Does she have issues with being independent? If it was the man living at home we would all be screaming red flag...but its different because its the females.


If you pressure her, maybe she needs to rethink you.


Absolutely not! Maybe she moved back in to help them financially.


She obviously lives in a very loving it too much to accept that? Maybe she fears living alone? Why is Rich letting his friends and family influence his opinion? If she's a working professional and is emotionally stable then what's the problem?


There is nothing wrong with this. In this day and age two things are happening, people are being more reasonable and responsible when it comes to financial matters. Also, it is not uncommon for whole families to live together. It is only our western culture that sees a problem with that. If she is a responsible person (has a job, etc) then where is the problem?


Possible anxiety disorder? Waiting to get married?


There is nothing wrong with living with your mother especially in America where the cost of living is so high. In the Caribbean it happens all the time. Sometimes it has to do with culture.


He needs to voice his concerns to his girlfriend. In relationships u need to be able to discuss concerns such as this especially if he cares for her this much.


It all depends on the situation..if you have some financial issues then yes it is fine..but if you are over 40 and have no financial burden then no..I know a person who is over 40 and he still lives with his parents..his parents are well off and he makes money off stocks that he has invested..he still lives at home with them and will never work.


Unless you have a very well Paying job and can afford the rents today. My kids are in their 20's and still live at home. They pay us an affordable rent and that helps us out and they can save for themselves. Works out both ways.


Women! what about the men who live with there mothers. There are a lot more "Mamma's Boy' living home and have NO intention of leaving.Good Luck Single Girls on finding a guy who isnt living with Mommy or it he even has a JOB!!!


If her parents house has enough rooms to accommodate her, why should she go out and pay rent? She can use the money to help her parents. Unless b/f has plans to move in with her, it should not bother him.


It's starting to bother him???? He's a loser!!!! That is her home !!!! What's wrong with that!!!

What is the big deal?


Nothing at all wrong with that. If my parents did not move to FL I would move back in with them and I am over 35. I am tired of paying rent and would love to be able to save money.