So here is our "Delilah Dilemma" of the week... this comes to us from Shawn:


Dear Delilah,

I have a wonderful mother who is the best. She has always done everything and anything to help people. But she has a husband now who mistreats her all the time. I guess I need to know when step-sons can step in and say something. Should I talk to my mom alone? Should I push back a little bit every time I hear something? I really don't think I'm mistaking what's going on. I want my mother to be happy and safe. Shawn


Dear Shawn,

I wish I knew how old you were because that changes things, but certainly talk to your mother. If you are old enough to recognize what's going on, you must talk to your mother. Talk to others who lover her like grandparents, your siblings if you have them...keep talking to the people in your mom's life and build a support team for her. If your mom is being verbally abused and mentally abused, then she probably doesn't feel she has the power to get away from this. But if you can help build a support system around her, then perhaps someone can get thru to her. And tell your mama every day that you love her and you are there for her and that she deserves to be happy and have a good life - keep that communication open with her as much and as often as possible. God bless you and your mom. Delilah