Are you bursting with pride over someone today? If so, you might relate to loyal listener Shelley who wrote in about her daughter. When faced with a big disappointment, Shelley’s daughter took the high road and showed a maturity even some adults would miss…


I am so proud of my daughter. Her character speaks to what an amazing person she really is. My daughter, Lauren, is a competitive swimmer. In fact, she is nationally ranked for her age group.


Recently, she participated in a state championship swim-meet where her results were good, but not what they needed to be to qualify for a national meet the next week. Three of her team-mates did qualify.


Even in her disappointment, she was still the only one to meet the team at the buses to send them off. She hugged her friends and wished them a great meet. That takes courage and humility. I know that because I know how heavy her heart was.


I am more proud of her now than if she made a faster time or a Junior National cut. She is my hero. She is amazing! Shelley




When people wear that kind of character, it looks really good on them. I, too, am really proud of Lauren for showing her humility and support of her teammates, and for being such a good kid! Are you proud of someone today? Proud of how they carry themselves? Proud of what they’ve overcome? Proud of how they make the world a better place to be in? Send me a dedication in their honor. Call me… 1-800-222-1067!  Or e-mail Producer David tonight:




With Love … Delilah <3