With The Weather Being As Cold As It'S Been, It Can Be Easy To Get Stuck In Rut. It Can Seem Like Your Days Are Always The Same – Wake Up, Work, Chores, And Bedtime.

Repeat Next Day. I Think This Is Part Of The Reason Why Some Relationships Get Stuck In A Rut. You Get So Used To The Norm, It’S Hard To Break Out Of That Routine And Add A Little Spice And Spontaneity Into Your Life.

This Week, Try A Few New Things To Put The Twinkle Back In Your Sweetheart’S Eye, And Do Or Say Some Things That May Catch Him Or Her By Surprise… Write A Short, Two-Line Love Note And Hide It In His Wallet.

Say “Thank You” For Something You Usually Just Expect To Be Done, Like Taking Out The Trash. Let Your Sweetheart Sleep In This Weekend While You Wake Up With The Kids. Prepare Her Coffee Or Tea In The Morning. Give A Compliment Out Of Left Field. Do The Dishes, Or The Laundry, Or Both! Bring Up A Memory You Both Still Laugh About. Give In Without Complaint To Hanging Out With Her Group Of Friends For A Night. Let Him Win Scrabble, For Once. Help Your Kids Do Something Nice For Your Spouse. Do Something Spontaneous For Fun, Like Piling Everyone In The Car For An Ice Cream Trip.

What Would You Add To This List? How Do You Cure The Stuck-In-A-Rut Blues? Hopefully, With Valentine'S Day Right Around The Corner, You Will Have Plenty Of Opportunities To Add Some Spontaneous Actions Of Love Into Your Life. If You Do, Share It With Us By Sending Your Messages To Producer David Tonight!  He Will Get Those To Me All Evening Long As We Do Our Best To Keep Warm Together On These Cold Winters Nights!  His E-Mail Is: David@Delilah.Com.

With Love ... And Warmth ... Delilah <3