Our Memories of Dad


As we prepare for Father’s Day this Sunday (let this be your reminder to pick up a card or do something nice for dad!) … we are sharing your messages, your memories and sentiments about the man who changed your diapers, helped you with your math homework, paced the floor worriedly for you, taught you how to change a tire or the oil, or to hook a fishing line, or, well, in Carolyn’s case, to shingle a roof…


I only had my dad, Patsy, in my life for 15 years but it was the best 15 years any child could have. My mother and father had eight kids before she passed away at age 40. My father raised us for a little bit of time before getting remarried. He was a baseball coach to a lot of boys in our community. He would do anything for anyone. It didn't matter if he had a dime in his pocket, if you asked for it he would give it to you.


I remember helping him build floats for the parades. He would use his own trucks and materials to build them. He made such an impression on so many people that they named a park after him. He was a carpenter; I would go with him to help on the jobs. It was the best time a little girl could have with her father. He even taught me how to shingle a roof.


My dad passed away 9 years after my mom. As I grow older and run into people that knew him, the stories they tell me brings tears of joy and happiness. As a single mother of 2 children, I raised my kids as my father raised me. I miss him, and my mom, so much. I would give anything just to get a hug and kiss from him. So if you could play a song for him, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much. Carolyn.




This week we are sharing the special memories we have of dear old Dad. Carolyn’s letter touched my heart because it made me think of my own dad wood-working in his garage, creating magical pieces – toys and furniture. His creations were always the most cherished gifts. Share your memories with me this week. You can call me at 1-800-222-1067 with your dedication or you can email it to Producer David tonight: David@delilah.com.




With Love … Delilah <3