Each night I take your calls… I share your Love Stories, I share your “Delilah Dilemma’s”… and together see you through whatever storms might be rolling through in your world.  In those bonds and connections we make, you allow me in to your hearts and homes… and often times listeners of this show become an extended part of our families. 

Well, tonight, coming up just after 7:56pm Eastern I will be starting off the program with a call from Jeanne, from Queens NY.  She’s re-connected with us here on the show, after talking to us a year ago.  Jeanne is going to follow-up with us about how things are going after a very tough time last year – the loss of her husband 5 years ago, the heartache and the sadness she and her children endured as she tried to get on her feet once again as a single mom with no help. 

Certainly there is NOTHING that is keeping Jeanne down… and I will share her sentiments along with her amazing inspiring story, tonight!  Please join me on the air, for that.

With Love … Delilah <3