So you exercise, drink water and eat well...all the good stuff to feel young?  Well, unfortunately, you still may look older than you are if you're doing any of these:

Drinking Out Of A Straw:  Using a straw helps prevent stains on your teeth from tea and coffee, but daily puckering leads to wrinkles around the lips.

Sleeping On Your Face:  Resting your face the same way on the pillow night after night leads to wrinkles.   The overnight creases you see when you wake up, eventually become permanently etched into the surface of your skin.  Uh Oh.

Over Cleaning:  You don't want to sleep in makeup or sweat, but washing with harsh chemicals more than twice a day strips the skin of important oils that keep it young.

Going Outside Without Sunscreen, Even For A Minute:  Even if you are just running outside for a minute, you need broad spectrum sunscreen.  And don't forget your hands and your neck.  According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of the signs of aging are caused by sun damage.

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