With another relative visiting this week, I found myself hitting the tourist beat again...and on my cousin's short-list was a visit to Madame Tussaud's on 42nd Street!  It's not a place I might have ever gone without a specific request--and do you know any New Yorkers who have?  Well, here's my inside story:

It's a very crowded place, where people from around the world get very excited by to have their photo taken with famous faces.

There are perhaps 6 or 7 floors of politicians, sports figures, hollywood icons, musicians, and all kinds of icons.

It's interesting to see which statues draw the biggest crowds.  Regan didn't seem to be busy.

You can get right up and touch.  Janis Joplin's hair is the real stuff.

The longer I was in there, the more I was fascinated with getting up close.

Elton John's face was fantastic.

Derek Jeter's, not so much.

Beyond the figurines, the best part might be the staff, as everyone was surprisingly friendly.  Otherwise, it's not a cheap visit.  Even with a local resident online discount, it's still about $30 for adults.  I wouldn't necessarily go again, but if you find yourself there, my tip is to get up close...