If you could burn the same amount of calories as running a mile simply by crunching on a liter of ice throughout the day, it would be a no brainer, right?! Well, according to Gastroenterologist Dr. Brian Weiner, ice does a lot more than just keep your drinks cold – it’s a weight loss tool.


While Dr. Weiner isn’t a proponent of fad diets, he does tell all his patients that ice is a great alternative to snacking on empty calories. It satisfies a crunchy craving with zero calories, and it actually causes your body to burn calories because it has to work to heat up the water. Dr. Weiner calls it a “negative calorie food” because it burns more calories to consume it than it contains.


Dr. Weiner stresses that ice should never replace food in a healthy eating plan, but if you are eating properly and exercising, but still get the urge to snack, ice is the perfect solution.