Biggest Celebrity Social Media Mistakes Of 2016

Debra Messing posted this selfie during the UCLA shooting which received a ton of public backlash due to her inappropriate nature of her Instagram post. Twitter users quickly slammed her as a "narcissistic self absorbed celebrity". Messing took down the post and issued an apology for her poor judgement!

Fans were not happy with Cher's choice of emojis in her tweet regarding an attack that took place in the Turkey airport last June. The use of the bomb emoji sparked a ton of backlash towards the singer throughout social media. She apologized for the tweet and quickly removed it. Next time, think before you emoji! 

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, Madonna tried to show her support but her efforts left some fans feeling offended. The pop superstar posted the infamous picture of her and Britney Spear's 2003 MTV VMA lip lock with a caption reading 'gay or straight no hate'. Some felt the message was inappropriate in the wake of the tragedy. Others countered this by stating that Madonna was simply trying to express her support for same-sex love.  

Uh oh Marissa Cooper! Mischa Barton posted this heartfelt message calling for no more violence however, her choice of picture caused chaos amongst social media. The actress wrote about the death of Alton Sterling in the lengthy Instagram caption but the picture that went along with it didn't really fit-Mischa in a bikini on a yacht! The social media universe was quick to unleash their wrath, slamming the actress for posting a bikini picture alongside the heartfelt message. Barton quickly deleted the post. 


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