All NYC Subway Stations Now Have Free WifI

The days of boredom while waiting for your subway are over! As of January 1, 2017, all 279 New York City subway stations will offer free Wifi to it's passengers. Transit Wireless, the Internet company responsible for the newly-accessible network, partnered with Metropolitan Transit Authority in 2010 in order to provide Internet for their annual 2.6 billion passengers. All you have to do to connect to a network is to simply enter a station and connect to TransitWirelessWiFi for one hour of free service as you travel from station to station. After the hour is up, you can easily sign in again for another hour of free service. It has taken approximately five years to complete the roll out of the service. Cellular coverage is expected to take place in the next year as well. 2017 also promises to be the year that New York City subway riders can complete a mobile stock trade, or shop online while waiting for their subway car to arrive at the station. 

NYC's commuters we're very happy with this change! 



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