No Pants Subway Ride 2017

New York City's annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place this Sunday, January 8th, filling the subway with hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited bare legs. This is the one day a year when seeing New Yorkers in their underwear on a train is fun instead of creepy! This began with just seven people in 2002 and is now filled with thousands of people who will descend into the subway at 3pm on Sunday, take off their pants, and go about their commute. 

There are seven different meeting points where the underwear-goers meet if they wish to partake in the event. Once arrived at the meeting point, you'll be divided up into groups and assigned a specific train car, for maximum prankage. The main rules for the event are one's willingness to take their pants off on the subway and risk however many communicable diseases, and the ability to keep a straight face about it. Some unwritten rules that are mainly common sense for this ride would most likely include: don't take your underwear off, don't try to annoy other people who aren't participating, and most importantly, don't use this as a way to creep people out! Check out some footage from last year's crazy ride. 


NYC residents are already getting excited for the event. 



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