Teen Raises Over $10K For College Tuition After Her Parents Cut Her Off

Allie Dowdle, from outside Memphis, says that her parents refused to pay for her college because she is dating someone who is black. Allie has received more than $10,000 on GoFundMe after her mother and father rejected her boyfriend Michael "strictly because of his race."  On the page, Allie expressed how important her education was to her which was why she was willing to share her story so publicly. Allie explains how she began dating Michael and showed his picture to her family to which her father responded that she was not to see Michael again. She went on to explain her parents dissatisfaction with her decision including how they have no longer chosen to support their daughters future. They stripped her of all resources including her personal savings, car, phone, and ultimately- her education. 

Her father, Bill Dowdle, told the Daily News that his daughter dating a black man may not be his "preference" because of "issues" involved with biracial dating in the South. He also claimed that "it was never about race," that he is not a racist and that his daughter's statements about race are "a justification and gave her the moral high ground." Dowdle said that he and his wife would accept whomever his daughter is dating, but disapproved of both Michael and a previous boyfriend in part because their daughter started seeing them in secret. He explained his decision of cutting off her college money because she has been spoiled and "it became obvious that she needed to go out in the world and grow up."

Even though the GoFundMe page has received more than 300 donations meeting Allies $10K goal, some commenters expressed their distaste over the campaign, claiming to have others pay for her education was offensive. 


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