Mom Makes Viral Video Because Her Son Went To College And Never Calls


As a parent, seeing your children graduate high school and move on to college is a difficult transition. Besides the fact that you may have an empty nest now, it still is sad seeing your child go. For the first eighteen years of their lives, a parent gets to see their kid pretty much everyday. Now they are fleeing the nest and going to college where they will be forced to grow up on their own without your guidance. As parents, we want to give our children the space they need to grow and figure out their problems on their own, but we also want to hear from them daily! 

We're sure many of you can relate to how one mom from Pennsylvania felt. Ann Pinto McCarney had a tough time dealing with the fact that her son Liam was heading off to college. During the first few weeks of school, McCarney was disappointed that her son never bothered to take the time and call her. To deal with her frustrations, McCarney  took to Facebook where she posted a video of a lighthearted rant directed towards her son for not calling her. The video quickly went viral and now has millions of views! She jokes, "I haven't heard from you in awhile, and I thought maybe you forgot about me." She even threatens to take away Liam's tuition if he doesn't give her a call! Take a look at the hysterical video above for more relatable laughs. 


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