The Best Vacations To Take When You're Young And Broke

It's the middle of the winter- it's cold out, gets dark too early, and spirits are not as high as they are in the summer. We get your dilemma- you want to take a vacation, but don't want it to break the bank. We're right there with you, we are all about taking a much needed vacation that won't cost us a fortune! If you want to travel and still be able to pay for your light bill and some groceries when you get back, consider these next vacations!

According to Elite Daily, these are some of the most affordable vacations you can take.

  • Go on a cruise- Everything on the ship is paid for up front which means you won't be pulling out your wallet once! You also get to enjoy the amenities offered on the cruise ship as well as seeing different stops and sights along the way. 
  • Visit Ireland- it may be far, but it's actually one of the cheapest countries to visit in Western Europe! 
  • Go relax in a resort on Hawaii- visiting The Big Island won't break the bank! If you really want to save, there are campsites on land if staying in a hotel isn't in your budget. Be sure to go during off-season such as winter or spring. 

Happy traveling!


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