The Best Vacations For Each Stage Of Your Relationship

Thinking of taking a trip with the one you love, but can’t decide where to go? The ideal couple’s vacation depends on where you are in your relationship. Here’s where to head, depending on the stage of your journey together.

After a few months of dating – A local Airbnb. Since it’s your first trip together, you’ll get to find out how you handle a weekend getaway with your sweetie. Best to pick somewhere that’s stress-free and not too far away in case 48 hours together is too much!

For your one-year anniversary – A weeklong adventure. If your budget and job allows for it, a week in London or Montreal would give you and your S.O. an adventurous getaway that’s out of the country, but not off the grid. 

Right after you get engaged – An affordable vacay. While you’re planning your wedding, you’ll want to save in every way you can, so a budget trip is the way to go. Jamaica, or Puerto Rico has cheap flights and inexpensive resorts, plus the Caribbean Sea. What more could you want? 

When you get pregnant – A luxurious spa. At this point, all you'll want to do is relax. Ideally, you’ll want to be pampered with prenatal massages and incredible food. Park City, Utah has all that in a beautiful setting. 

When you’re bringing the kids – An activity-friendly beach. You can actually relax a bit when your little ones are busy and entertained. Head to Hawaii for rainforests, boogie boarding, water sports, hikes, and coconuts. 

For your 20th anniversary – Something impressive. You deserve this! This is the trip you’ve been dreaming of taking for all these years, so go anywhere you want. 


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