Dermatologist Warns: Don’t Use Bath Bombs As Highlighter

Hey, we love a multitasking product as much as the next girl, but when we heard people were using shimmery bath bombs as highlighter on their faces, we had our doubts. But women on Twitter have been raving about dabbing Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt on their cheeks. The question is - is it safe? Not so much. 


The folks at Lush are known for making all-natural, vegan products, but these bath bombs are made to use in a bath and be washed off of your skin, not applied like makeup. And according to dermatologist Dr. Michele Farber, the thicker oils in the product are good for your body, but could irritate your face if left on. And if you’ve got sensitive skin, it could be worse. Ingredients like cocoa butter and olive oil work well for your body, but could cause breakouts on your face and issues with acne and eczema for anyone prone to them.

But if you’re itching to try the bath bomb highlighter hack, even just for Instagram, Dr. Farber recommends trying it out in a test spot first to see how your skin reacts. Otherwise, you’re better off NOT trying this one at home.



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