The Secret To Getting Better Care From Your Doctor

Contrary to the popular belief, most physicians have preferred patients according to a new study from Johns Hopkins University. Being a 'VIP patient' can mean faster callbacks and appointments, which is every patients dream since most of us dread going to the doctor. Here's how to get on your doc's good side:

Don't Get Too Buddy-Buddy

Small talk is acceptable, but don't go overboard in sharing every single detail from your personal life! It isn't an efficient use of time and could irk your doc. Come prepared with your main medical questions and ask them up front. 

Mind Your Manners

A simple "thank you" to all staff members (nurses, front desk, and beyond) will go a long way! You're showing respect for the team, which can score you major brownie points in return.

Take A Chill Pill

The study from Hopkins shows that doctors have to prioritize people to ensure the sickest are taken care of first. Being realistic and patient about how quickly your doctor's office can get you checked out or return your test results may put you on the doc's honorary honor roll! 

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