This Man Went To Bed With His iPhone Charging And Is “Lucky To Be Alive"

A man from Huntsville, Ala., survived after he was shocked by 100 volts of electricity while sleeping with his iPhone charged next to his bed. Like he does every night, Wiley Day plugged his iPhone 7 into an extension cord so he can scroll through social media before going to bed. While he was sleeping, his dog-tag necklace slipped between the exposed prongs of his charger and the extension cord. The heat and electric shock threw him to the floor, according to Time. 

When jolted awake, Day fell to the floor and felt his eyesight fading. The jolt was “the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience,” Day recalled. He is suffering from second and third-degree burns on his neck, chest, and hand. Doctors told him he was lucky to be alive upon his arrival to the hospital. 

He now charges his iPhone in his kitchen and is warning others not to charge their electronics in their beds as he did for so long.


Another thing to watch out for is buying cheap extension cords from local dollar stores, gas stations, and drug stores. The American Burn Association says that extension cords, especially poorly made ones, can cause about 4,700 residential fires per year, killing about 50 people and injuring 280 others annually. 


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