11-Month-Old Baby Born With Something So Beautiful And Unlikely

This baby has better hair than the rest of us! Little Mille Mitchell was born earlier than expected, but that wasn't the only surprising part. According to Daily Mail, Millie was born with a full set of hair! "They held her up over the curtain to me after I had my C-section, and I just went "Oh my God", her mom Meg said.

Meg's family and friends told her that Millie's hair would fall out, a natural process that babies face after birth, but that has been anything but the case. It's grown longer, and longer- to the point where it's down her back! "I even have to blow dry it because if I leave it, it's so thick, it takes ages to dry. I've been doing that since the day she was born," her mom said. People have even asked Meg if her daughter is wearing a wig! Looks like we have a future hair model in the midst. 


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