The Deadly Symptom This School Nurse Noticed Saved A Young Boy's Life

One grateful mother is crediting a perceptive school nurse with saving her child's life. Nicole Defeo Campbell's son, Nathan, is a kindergarten student living in New Jersey. She thought he had been fighting off a common cold, but a trip to the nurse's office during school proved otherwise, according to Woman's Day. The nurse, Patti Butler, knew something was wrong with the young boy the second she looked at him. She noticed his skin was translucent-something she'd only seen once in 25 years. She urged Nathan's mother to take him to the doctor immediately. Within a few days, Nicole got a call from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia explaining her son's pale skin, bruises, and aches: he had leukemia and needed to start treatment right away. The boy's blood wasn't carrying enough oxygen, which made his coloring appear sallow, which is what tipped Nurse Patti off to his condition. 


Nathan's mom told the news that, "If it weren't for Patti pushing as hard as she did, I don't know that my son would be here. That's the honest-to-God truth."


Thankfully, due to Patti's diligence, Nathan is now in remission. 


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