Here's What You Missed From Balki & Cousin Larry's Interview

Bronson Pinchot & Mark Linn-Baker otherwise known as "Balki and Cousin Larry" from the popular 80's & 90's sitcom 'Perfect Strangers' stopped by Lite FM for their first interview together in 25 years!  We have the full interview for your listening pleasure. Some of the highlights include;

  • Why Balki can't do "The Dance of Joy" anymore and what happened when they did it for the last time
  • What happened when Balki had an allergic reaction to a turkey while filming a Thanksgiving episode
  • Their thoughts while shooting the final episode of Perfect Strangers
  • What their funniest on-set moments were
  • How they can read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences

And much, much more! Check out the full interview below.


Don't forget, the duo is reuniting for their first public appearance together since they starred as "Balki" & "Cousin Larry" and will be headlining the bill at the Chiller Theatre Expo at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, N.J. from April 21 -23, 2017. You can meet Balki and Larry, take photos, get autographs, and share laughs about 'Perfect Strangers'! 

Can't forget this classic scene! These two are just too funny together.


One more!



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