Richard Simmons Updates Fans After His Recent Health Scare

Fitness legend known for his over-the-top outfits and outrageous personality, Richard Simmons, disappeared from the public eye three years ago. Fans were worried, and some fans even speculated his disappearance on the podcast Missing Richard Simmons, which was dedicated to finding out what had happened to him. Just last week, Simmons was hospitalized after having gastrointestinal issues but took to his Facebook page to make a rare, public statement about his health. 


Simmons posted on Sunday to thank hospital staff for taking care of him, and thanking the LAPD for escorting him home. According to People, Simmons got help from the police to deal with paparazzi on his way home from the hospital. LAPD detective Kevin Becker reported that Simmons is "in good spirits" and was "laughing and talking" with the crew. The reasoning behind his disappearance is that he simply wants to keep his life private and out of the public eye.


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