61-Year-Old Fired After Accidentally Live-Streaming Nude From Her Job's Instagram Account

Sixty-one-year-old Lynn Dorsey was fired from her job as the tourism director of Webster Parish, Louisiana, after she reportedly live-streamed herself nude on the town's Instagram account, instead of her own Fox reported. Dorsey admitted that "it was a horrible, honest mistake" and that she was "mortified, and would never send that type of content out intentionally." Dorsey said she was a new Instagram user at the time and pressed the wrong button, not knowing she was a) on the Webster Parish account and 2) live! The video lasted for about 30 minutes, and was intended for her husband to view in private.

Dorsey was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident but was fired mid-February during a "special meeting". On April 10, Dorsey filed a lawsuit against the Webster Parish Convention & Visitors Bureau and its Board of Directors chair Jerry Madden, saying that the meeting "failed to comply with the requirements of the Louisiana open meetings law" and should therefore result in the overturning of her firing. The petition also states that Dorsey should be compensated in damages, civil penalties, attorney's fees, as well as any other costs that have arisen since her firing.


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