'This Is Us' Themed Wedding Will Have You In Tears

If you've been having withdrawals from NBC's hit series This Is Us, don't worry, you're not alone! Lucky for fans everywhere, wedding photographer Karen Rainier has brought the show back to life in the most beautiful way. Real-life couple Peter and Emily decided to take note from televisions' most iconic couple, Jack and Rebecca. According to Good Housekeeping, the photographer got her inspiration from the episode of This Is Us where Jack and Rebecca get married. From there, Karen worked with a wedding planning team to get every detail just right, including the wedding invitations and vows, the perfect towel, a vintage- inspired lace dress, and all the necessary jewelry!

The photographer compared the natural chemistry between Peter and Emily just like the adorable romance in the TV series Jack and Rebecca. The end result is nothing short of stunning and will definitely get you excited to find out what happens to Jack and Rebecca (mostly Jack) on the next season of This Is Us! 



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