The Atria Books Family Reveals What Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

Reading is a form of leisure, but did you ever wonder how the books you know and love come to life? On this week's episode of The Public Library Podcast, Helen Little talked to three employees from the Atria Books Family! Atria Books is a publishing group that promotes new ideas, and uses the best practices of traditional publishing integrated with cutting-edge developments in the digital world. The three women who spoke on the podcast were Judith Curr, president and publisher of the company, Dawn Davis, and Tasha Hilton. Atria Books just celebrated their 15th anniversary as a company and founder Judith Kerr reveals how the company came to life! 


She was originally working at Simon & Schuster when her boss asked her to set up a brand new in-print for them, which is when Atria came to life. She got the name of the company from a Tibetan healer who told her to 'name the company after their intention or goal, not after something.' Curr chose the name 'Artia' because it reflected a place where books can come to life, and the office as well as a company where the staff can grow and flourish. The rest of the episode discusses life in a publishing house, why the work can be demanding, plus they provide the hottest book recommendations of the summer. These ladies know their books so if there's one place to get great book recommendations, it's from them! 

Listen to the full episode below and follow Atria Books on Twitter and Instagram!



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