This Mom Completely Loses It When She Delivers Her Baby

Dara Crouch got the surprise of a lifetime when she delivered a baby boy. There hadn't been a boy born to her side of the family in 50 years! During Dara's first pregnancy her and her husband decided to never find out the gender of their babies until the delivery. As a labor and delivery nurse, Dara realized that the surprise gender births are always more exciting and she wanted to experience one herself. The first time around, the couple was surprised with a girl and they expected the same for their next go.

"My husband thought from the beginning that it was a boy," Dara told PopSugar, "I was not so convinced. I had this weird connection to my daughter's clothes, and since their birthdays would only be three weeks apart, I knew I could reuse them."

The idea that she could be possibly having a boy didn't set in until a few minutes before he was born, and that made Dara more nervous than anything!

Immediately after the birth, Dara started to freak out because she had never been around a baby boy and was clueless as how to raise one. But, the second her midwife held up her new baby boy, Dara could not have been happier. 

We wish this family the best!


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