Study Finds Lead in 20% of Baby Food Products

A new report has found traces of the lead in 20% of baby food samples, a higher percentage than even the regular adult versions. The metal frequently sneaks into food, sometimes through the soil where crops are grown. The U.S. Food and Drug administration has analyzed over a decade's worth of data, focusing on baby food specifically since chronic exposure to lead harms children especially. The study discovered that 20% of 2,164 samples contained traces of lead, 14% more compared to other foods! The worst offenders included fruit juices, cookies, and root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots. The study also informed parents that they should consult with their pediatricians about how to reduce lead exposure. 

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents brands like Gerber, released a statement saying their companies follow strict practices to minimize the "presence of naturally occurring minerals."


Over time, frequent exposure to lead can damage children's brains, nervous system, and lead to slow growth and development. Lead poisoning can also cause learning, behavior, speech, and hearing problems according to the FDA.

If you're worried about your children being exposed to these harmful toxins, it's best to create a more colorful, high-produce diet that the whole family can enjoy! 


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