Ed Woods Explains How Hip Hop Influenced His Love Of Books

Ed Woods is a man of many talents; he's a professor, an author, a professor, and even a publisher! Some of Woods' most recognizable works include a children's book with his son called CHE: Through the Eyes of a Child and a motivational book, Woodchips. 

Woods grew up during the commercialization of hip-hop where rappers such as LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Jay Z were dominating the top of the charts. He is actually the attorney who got Jay-Z his first deal with Def Jam records! Woods' love for music progressed into a love of books because he felt, like these rappers that he grew up listening too, that he always had a story to tell. His guide to success, Woodchips, contains various strategies to help individuals achieve greater success professionally, financially, and personally. Woods' thought process behind this is interesting, as he realized that not everybody enjoys reading and a lot of people prefer to get their information through quicker snapshots, so he created a smaller book with different volumes so readers can grasp the knowledge throughout a period of time. 

Woods' opens up about his journey of writing a children's book with his son, his thought process, how his son contributed to the book, and more in this week's episode of the Public Library Podcast!



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