This Genius Invention Saves Animals From Drowning

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off during the hot days of summer, but owners know that pools can be a death trap for small animals. If the little critters that frequent your neighborhood mistakenly jump in the water, they can often get trapped which can cause them to drown. Thankfully, this innovative Amazon product is making your pool safer for those small animals! 

This genius invention is called the FrogLog, which is made up of an inflatable platform with a mesh skirt and a ramp attached. All you have to do is place the contraption on the edge of your pool using the weighted pouch that keeps it in place, then the animals simply use the ramp to climb out. This was created by wildlife biologist, Rich Mason, who had the idea for this product after he noticed a large number of frogs dying in his newly-installed pool. Mason believes that all animals deserve a shot at survival, and he is making that possible with this float! It's a win-win for all. 



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