You Can Now Rent A Spouse To Handle Household Chores

Are you tired of continually asking your partner to clean the toilet, mow the lawn, change a lightbulb, or fix that annoying leaky roof? We get that the last thing you want to come off as is 'naggy', but we need partners that can pull their weight! This company is saving all of our marriages by lending us a spouse who will happily cross all of these chores of our to-do lists.

Sometimes Spouse, a company based in Texas, will rent you a "husband" or a "wife" to help out around the house. You can hire a spouse to house-sit, pet-sit, help out with repairs, or just to clean up your home! 


You don't need to worry about this stranger inhabiting your home either, as the spouses are fully insured, background checked, and even professionally trained. The company allows you to rent a spouse by the hour, day, or even the week. This genius idea was created by Christy Ogle, who started the company with her husband and best friend after discussing how annoying it was to keep asking your partner to help contribute around the house. 

So if you and your partner are looking to relax without having to worry about tackling all those chores on your to-do list, you've found your answer. Sit back, relax, and let your rental spouse get to work!


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