New York Blood Center In Urgent Need For Donors

The New York Blood Center has officially declared a blood emergency due to the most needed types of blood being at critically low levels. Blood supplies have dropped severely below required minimums, even for the seasonally low summer months. Due to its high demand, O negative blood is in particularly short supply, and the NYBC encourages individuals with this blood type to consider stepping up and donating. Blood donation declines during the long school vacation period and series of holidays such as Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. 

There are 19 different NYBC donor centers and dozens of blood drives held throughout the Tri-State region each day. To find the most convenient donation site for you, check out their website. The process only takes about an hour including a short registration period, a mini medical exam, blood donation, and time to replenish with juice and cookies!

Please consider donating to help maintain a safe blood supply inventory for New York State. 


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