This Pregnant Dog's Maternity Photoshoot Is Magical

Elsa Veria-Means just posted the most adorable maternity photoshoot to her Twitter account, but she's not the one who's pregnant. The shoot was for her adorable pup, Fusee, who at 8 weeks pregnant got her very own maternity shoot, complete with a flower crown that puts most music festival-goers to shame. The photoshoot also had flowers, and a whimsical sign reading "Soon 2 B MOM!"


Maternity photoshoots for pets are nothing new, but nothing beats Elsa's genuine smile and love for Fusee. 

Elsa's Tweet gained instant popularity with over 50,000 retweets and over 100,000 likes! The model, Fusee, welcomed 8 cute little puppies into the world on Wednesday! 

Please deliver us a newborn photoshoot next, thanks!


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