Freddy Hall's 'Nothing In The Open' Is Perfect For Your Summer Soundtrack

BEAUTIFUL on Broadway's guitarist Freddy Hall has the summer soundtrack album you've been waiting for! Freddy Hall combines smooth sounds, stunning vocals, and melodic instrumentals to make 'Nothing In The Open' the perfect debut album. The album features two hit singles, 'Nothing In The Open' and 'Still I'd Try My Best For You'. 

Watch Freddy's new tasteful and nostalgic lyric video for the tile track 'Nothing In The Open' below.

Hall launched his career as a professional guitarist on the Tony Award winning play, 'Spring Awakening'. From there, he shaped his new album, 'Nothing In The Open'. The album's soulful songs focus on rediscovering love, coping with loss, and hurdling the obstacles of being addicted to an addict. Hall and 'Nothing In The Open' are prominent voices for the LGBTQ community as the album offers a strong sense of relief for those who have or may be confronting difficulties about their true identities. 

If you aren't able to catch him on the BEAUTIFUL stage Freddy will also be performing at Shakespeare in the Park all summer long! For upcoming tour-dates and more, follow Freddy on Instagram and Twitter.

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